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1 – How to spot a payment

“Do I have any chance of spotting a bribe”? Good question. If you work in a large organisation, you may see so many payments processed.  Plus, what reason would you have to suspect bribes anyway.

This might be stating a very obvious point, but in companies that were thought to have had a system of bribers, the payments were not processed under the heading  ‘bribe’.

It might be that giving the bribe a legitimate narrative is a deliberate cover-up. Or that those involved had convinced themselves that this “fee” was a necessary part of doing business in this country.  But if ‘without it’, the business would go elsewhere, the payments deserve to be investigated.

So, finding out how the cover-up worked in cases we know about, say- through published court cases, might be a “compliance guide” for you: the starting point of a discussion on what to look out for.

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1 – How to spot a payment

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