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“Eyes wide open”

If this is the phrase that you most associate Compliance discussions with, then your organisation’s Compliance system may have a focus on how to spot „Red Flags“: how do you and your colleagues spot oddities in your daily business dealings that point to corruption risks?
That’s another difficult discussion to have, as at the time of ‘spotting’ it might not be possible to distinguish whether you are turning a blind eye to something trivial or a huge problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

In an ideal world most people would favour adopting a balanced view: one that does not see a risk behind every door; one that does not talk away an issue because addressing it might be uncomfortable. How tricky is that! The discussion might take you back to that first phrase again: ‘Am I easily influenced?’, as, at first, there is no obvious distinction between slightly wrong or inexcusably wrong: A business partner expecting a payment has asked for the payment to be redirected to a different account: a minor admin blip or a scheme to manipulate the system? Should all KYC formalities be repeated? And will any turning of a blind eye be rooted in a genuine belief that there is no actual risk to speak of or because one’s inner tendency is not to cause any trouble for a valued business contact with friends in high places?

Red Flag discussions raise awareness. As do the hints included in our Guide on questioning payments.

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