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“Easily Influenced”

“He/she is easily influenced” comes up quite often in a Compliance discussion. Sometimes as an explanation as to why rules were disregarded. Say, an organisation of a couple of 100, or even a couple of 1000, people plans to be more restrictive on the freebies and invites that everyone in the organisation can offer to their business contacts. If the expense accounts submitted remain generous nevertheless, the explanation offered might be that people are used to going along with their business partners’ expectations: “Probably easily influenced.”

But the phrase can also form a positive starting point into a Compliance discussion: Imagine a company always has to get bids from three possible bidders when those on the project really have a preference to work with one bidder. Considering possible safeguards attaching to those specific preferences might bring the discussion closer to the actual conflicts of interests than detailed bidding rules that are only followed on paper.

Yes, this discussion on the need for Compliance ‘systems’ or ‘safeguards’ would be partly about the law. But it could also focus on the examples within your organisation that everyone understands, more so than a booklet of rules, such as: how’s the boss handling his/her influencers?

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