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Doing a runner

Like this running tree, I have been moving around this week quite a bit, holding meetings and talks. And like this running tree, one of my slides out of my slide deck had done a runner, between sending the slides to the organisers and my actual talk: a (speaker’s) cliffhanger I could later ponder over while having one of my best meals ever in a town I had never previously set a foot into.

Another meeting (also this week), this time our discussions provided the cliffhanger: How many of those whose job it is to sell (on behalf of their company) manage this without a helping hand from precious invites or gifts? And is there enthusiasm among those sellers for collecting anonymous answers to this question from their closest circles, – as a way of taking charge of a tricky subject, not leaving it to a slightly removed Compliance department? We couldn’t agree on answers in our meeting, but if you are a seller, look at this suggestion for an anonymous survey and let me know what you think.

Hopefully, there’ll be further updates on this topic. ‘Anonymity’, however, was not a word my neighbour on the plane was familiar with. While embarking on some silly-sounding leadership talk on the phone to a colleague (“we are the leaders, we need to demonstrate our leadership by sticking together”), he proceeded to spell out the full names of at least four people in their respective teams he did not rate and thus did not care about, if whatever fancy plan he was pushing meant bad news for them. Will try to book an airline seat next time round that gives me Episode 2 of these ‘leadership games’.


Marianne Klausberger is an English lawyer specialising in Compliance topics within German-speaking regions. During her career in private practice in London she focused on dispute resolution and company investigations in, as memories of snow storm, broken air con and varying passport offices tell her, drastically different locations, and gathered experience presenting evidence to the authorities in Washington. After moving in-house, she spent almost three years leading the development of Compliance methodologies in a global chemicals and pharmaceuticals company. She continues to work with companies on such topics on a freelance basis. Approaches to designing the company’s Compliance ‘foundation’ differ widely, yet the hurdles encountered in the implementation show similar patterns. Looking at such obstacles soon becomes the focus of a project. The know-how on FCPA, UK Bribery Act, etc might be there, but it needs to be carried into the organisation; or, wants to be grasped in German, when authorities in the UK or the US may seem far away. A realistic approach remains important to her, – as her t-shirt says: “[I am] easily influenced”, and – probably – so are most of us.

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