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  • Gifts/Incentivisation offered by pharma companies to doctors:  Highest court in Germany calls behaviour ‘corrupt’, but says there is currently no legal provision that permits a conviction.
  • Looking at the London Olympics, here is a newspaper ringing HQ of GB Taekwondo, to speak to the organisation’s compliance officer, “Our what?”…
  • A new twist in the ongoing latvenergo graft investigation: an investigator at the anti-corruption agency, thought to be the leak of information, has been suspended.
  • Plans in Poland to develop shale gas have led not just to more than 100 exploration permits (expected production start 2014), but also to 7 arrests (ministry officials, as well as representatives of companies) for corruption.
  • Austrian telecoms company “Telekom Austria” has, since revelations in 2011, been dealing with its own case of ‘enriching communication’: allegations of share price manipulation and payments to politicians via a lobbying company were dealt with in an internal investigation, as well as in a parliament committee. More recently, an investigation of TA’s (now past) ventures in Serbia was announced.
  • Corruption allegations feature in the US court battle between Turkish company Turkcell and South Africa’s MTN , involving allegations of bribery of officials to provide mobile phone services in Iran, mixed in with alleged offers of weapons and UN security council votes.
  • In France, proceedings under the heading ‘biens mal acquis’ (‘ill-gotten gains’) aim to trace and recover property from former and current African leaders in the form of luxury cars , property, etc. An arrest warrant has been issued against the owner of the cars, Teodore Obiang Nguema, the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea.
  • Siemens has reached settlement with Greece and is dealing with a new investigation for past payments by a subsidiary to employees of a Russian company.
  • Lufthansa Technik has reached a NPA (Non-Prosecution Agreement) with the US-DOJ over the conduct of its subsidiary BizJet.
  • A German court case against bankers from Commerzbank AG related to the sale of telecom assets by a Russian minister: suspicious funds of US$ 150 million, difficulties in the legal assistance proceedings between Germany and Russia, limitation issues and settlements between €5,000-€50,000 are mentioned here as the hallmarks of this case.
  • As regards this June’s Euro 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine, the smaller headline that might have gotten missed underneath the Tymoshenko boycott wrangling was that of 120 criminal cases related to Euro 2012 construction projects, with kickbacks being estimated at between 40 and 60%.
  • Car industry (both linked articles are in German): while Daimler gets a nice review from its monitor, Ford finds itself at an earlier stage of the investigation by prosecutors in Cologne focusing on artificial spare part orders .
  • A tale of supermarket shopping or, rather, expansion, by this big US chain, allegations of a suppressed corruption investigation, resulting in a 5% drop in share price.
  • The talk of the moment is football: the terms of an effective ethics committee at FIFA continue to be discussed and Italy is dealing with match fixing allegations .
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